Laden heart

Look at breaking up with someone through a different lens; something like carrying baggage. If you carry baggage for a brief moment, it feels weightless, effortless even. Now how about if you carry the baggage and never put it down? It starts to feel heavier and you grow tired. If you keep holding on, you will start feeling numb and weak and eventually feel nothing. You’ll have to let go so you can begin to feel again.

Remove the baggage from your heavy heart. Allow yourself the opportunity to move mountains with indifference.

You are never broken, just reinvented.


4 thoughts on “Laden heart

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  1. I still luv u like the first time i seen u walking up the street . Do u ever think about me? Because i think bout u daily . I would like u to be happy & successful and all that but i dnt want u to luv another. U always made me feel special thk u. I dnt want to move on just yet and i dnt knw why . Until i figure it out your ghost hunts my heart & mind . If only i could hate u like i have hated myself.

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  2. Thank you fo sharing your intuition. I remember you being open minded and sensitive to energy. It’s good to see you channeling these gifts of yours for the good of others. I hope you received reep all of the rewards of what you have sowed with all of your good intentions.
    Blessings and love with peace be on to all you do.


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