I die a little bit every day

Some find it hard to believe. Either way I manage to remain indifferent.” – Jessica Roman

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that I have experienced death so many times.

Life is only what happens to my soul once it rests.

Every breakup is a death. Every loss is a death. Every end of something is the death of what was.

How else would new things manifest into what is in the now? Our time here on earth is borrowed.  With knowing that, maybe we wouldn’t take our life for granted, considering how we only live once but we die so many times.

A little bit of me is lost every day until the day that the end of my being occurs. In the interim, what I do, what I create, who I hurt, who I love, and what I become, will all eventually die. Only my soul and legacy will live on.

So I must do the best that I can with what I’ve been given and make sure that I find purpose in its existence before it meets it death. If not, then since it is all a part of me then only I die a little bit every day.


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