Your name tastes good in my mouth

I often wonder why even if you did not choose your name and had no vote as to what we should call you, why does your name taste good in my mouth?

If I called you honey, would it taste just as sweet?

I can call you baby, but, would you smell so good that I just want you eat you up?

What is in a name, as Shakespeare would say?

Your name contains the ingredients to sweeten, pucker, and savor every word that keeps me so hungry to call you to me.

Bitter sweet memories of when I yearned to know you.

I recollect the times when I would put my name with your name or when I would write our names with a heart surrounding it.

That heart became real and has emerged into words that are often whispered.

Taste is a sense in which you can develop into something good or not so desirable.

This need not be interpreted for pleasure.

Can you feel what I feel when you say my name as opposed to me saying yours?

Sweetness is so addictive yet so habitably irresistible.

So I say your name, scream your name, and I whisper you name, because all in all, your name tastes so good in my mouth.


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