Who can tell me what I’m feeling?

Who can tell me what I am feeling if I only tell those who do not listen to me.

Why am I so consistent in telling you my fears and weaknesses if you will only use it as a tool to break down my confidence?

Why is it that when I am discouraged, I still crave the love and attention, so I seek it?

To seek is to find and, to find is to discover and to discover is to gain the power of having no control of not y getting what I want, but, having what I want and desire come to me.

How can you say that I always get what I want, when instead, what I want comes to me either right away or with time?

When I talk do you listening or do you just hear me?

If you were listening to me, you would acknowledge me.

If you understood me then we would not be so negligent in bonding with each other.

It is easy to say but hard to do and even easier to write.

It is okay if my constant demand for attention is not met.

It is not really me seeking love and care; it is you losing out on the passionate presence of the person you see here before you.

So, who can tell me what I am feeling?

Can it be you?

If not, then who?

Actually as always, I will just sit back patiently and wait because it is a definite guarantee that it will come to me.

Do not insult my wishful thinking.

Appreciate my open mind.


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