Trust issues

Trust is assured reliance on character, strength, or truth of someone or something.

In order for someone to be trusted they should reassure and prove to that person that they are willing to be honest of all actions that they have done.

On all accounts a relationship of love and happiness must revolve around trust.

Trust is like the heart of a relationship, without it, love dies and then there’s nothing you or your partner can do after one chance of having bad times.

The reason for that is because once something is done and the person that does it gets away with it, their heart and instinct tells them its okay for it to happen again.

Honest and loyal people do not need to be put through pain.

Although bad things happen to good people,

Bad people miss the good things,

the most understood things,

the hard to overlook things,

but always remember, one only receives what they deserve, and also that everything has its own reason to appear to be what it is.

As for me and you, we appear to be an everlasting love that can only be dreamed about.

As for me, I wish it were a dream because I feel its time for me to wake up.


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