The morning after

She and he meet and all is respectful.

Their eyes say all words that need to be said to exclaim the passion felt at first sight.

Body language screams for a blissful union of pleasurable time alone to explore each other.

They are each others essential necessity.

Time goes by, attraction grows all the while.

They meet again.

All feelings erupt immediately secreting all fluids that wish to blend together and stream such like a river.

They finally submerge into that river.

Emotions run wild.

They have taken each others breath away.

Day has met night and in that time the unimaginable has become a reality.

They belong to each other at last tonight.

Hours runs and morning has arrived.

Their lives await them when they part.

Hoping that the morning sunlight will shine bright enough to cleanse them of their sins that took over them both to help create a night to remember and a conscious to kill their souls.


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