The decadence of my inner self

My image of me is so different from what is expected to be.

I am normal.

I am wise, yet I am different.

I do not see things the way that you do.

I need a sense of feeling before I can judge.

I go for quality not quantity.

How can two people who are so different be drawn so close with hardly anything in common?

Is it because I accept you for you and you like me for me.

If so, then it is agreed that we are opposites that attract.

Can one mistake I make change your whole view of me?

You do not have the authority to judge me or anyone.

Inside, I am a loving, caring, considerate and smart human being,

However, on the outside, I can be whoever I want to be.

The mystery lies within me.

It is the arrogance of my decadence that toys with your judgment of who you think I am.

I now allow you to borrow the opportunity to get to know me.

When you reach the point where you can predict my thoughts, only then you will realize that I have perfected the art of being myself on the outside because on the inside, you will never be given the chance to know me.


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