That unforgettable sound in your chest

You watched me take my first breath, and I watched you take your last. I will forever be grateful for the priceless exchange.” – Jessica Roman”

Steady at a pace in which your life exists at full force, I admire you there fighting to keep that sound in your chest long enough for me to have felt at ease with the thought of never having heard it again.

Long and strong you hung in me by your side as promised your job here on earth was not done.

I vowed to take on your unfinished duties.

At first, I thought I could never go on in life to try to be normal.

Although my insecurities were many, I showed you a face that was strong and a soul that was unbreakable.

My solemnity calmed your worries and settled your body to a point where mentally and physically you parted away from me yet, emotionally you were present.

I may not have the privilege to have that sound in your chest beat to the drum in my ear but I feel you and you are still here.

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