Reflections of the many colors of my skin

(A message from a victim who did not survive the acts of domestic violence)

You see me and gather I am as normal and happy as can be yet, when you see the colors of my skin you wonder who I really am.

Do not judge me because of my tan colored caramel tone.

I am just down to earth

I see you have noticed the berry colored spots on my skin.

Do not be alarmed, it is my consolation for the choice I made to stay in the inevitable hell I called tough love.

You bruise me because you love me.

I stay because I fear you.

I fear you because of how you express your love to me.

But why must it hurt so bad, meaning why ca n I not fight back

Who have I become?

I have not committed any unjust crime.

Why have I been sentenced and undeniably be put down on my resting place?

You think, “If you know this then why do you stay?”

I say, “When you go through hardships and fight back you are cheating your destiny.”

It was my destiny to be abused the way that I have because God made me strong enough to endure it.

You get it?

He chose me!

Out of all people he picked me!

Regardless if it took its toll on my mind, body and soul

I now rest in peace knowing that God had been by side all the way and he never forgot me because he chose me to guide you.

God, forget me not for I will never forget you!


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