Only I can understand me

It is really exciting when I can share my thoughts with only myself.

My thoughts and imagination take me to where I do not allow myself physically to go because of how I show myself to be in reality.

My emotions run free and explore unknown lands.

Lands can be anything or anybody.

Undeniably, I give my all to have what I have gained and deserved, yet, I yearn for more that one is able to give me, but don not do my any favors.

I will go explore for myself and see what I can find.

Rest assured I will go back.

I feel as if I was never gone.

I was just over here away from you, yet so close at heart.

Do not cry for me, do not even hurt, it is not you.

You are great.

It is me.

It does not mean something is wrong with me in every aspect it means everything is right about you.

I am not who you think I am on the contrary, when all else fails and I am so misunderstood, at the end of the day,

I am just like you

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