Mend my broken wings

(To those whom will never come to their senses)

Wounded I am by the loss of your laughter.

I have made relentless attempts to have you come to your senses.

You have steered far away from what is right and it goes unheard of.

Take back control of the life you take for granted.

Consume yourself in prayer for the purpose of the salvation from your sins.

I have untamed my ability to fly past all these unfinished sorrows.

Unluckily, my wings have broken.

You were once the one to heal things, but you choose to be absent.

Now you are gone and time has past.

Seasons change moods and weather.

Still I do not see us together.

Here I sit and wait because I cannot fly.

And all I do is cry, because you will not even try to mend my broken wings.



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