Just can’t avoid it

Many times no one has to remind me of you because you are already on my mind.

Many times my mind is so caught up that I forget you and who you were to me.

I promised myself never to stress over you and never to cry for you again.

I have been keeping my promise since then.

Why are not you on my mind like you used to be?

Why do not I feel the way I used to feel for you?

The answer is clear; things are not the way they used to be,

I guess things were not meant to be, no, we, were not meant to be.

All the times you hurt me just built up and brought me to my decision.

I refuse to let you hurt me again.

I demand respect and maybe now that we are not together anymore you will realize that you had a good thing with me.

You had love, and someone who would do anything for you.

I am glad that you are past tense now and now you will finally accept you no longer have me and you just cannot avoid it.


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