From the mud, grows this flower

(For all those who envied my mother, and contributed to her demise)

It has rained on me for quite some time.

Clear days have passed me by.

I have been forgotten by those who once honored me.

I have deceived everyone who once trusted me.

The expectations are low for me to be loved.

The chances of me prospering are slim.

I have been thrown to the ground.

No one ever thought of me as a success so on the ground they felt is where I belonged

The forceful nature of hatred keeps me down.

I have become part of the scum which makes the earth an unpleasant place in which I came from but do not belong anymore.

Tragedy in my eyes has stricken and my life has come to an end.

I am now buried into the ground.

The earth from which I came from became the ground in which I rest.

Rainfall has subsided and mud has taken its place.

For so long everyone wished to see me in this way.

Their wishes have been granted.

Yet unknowingly to them, I am not gone because from the mud grows this flower and my life took its course in another form.

I am beautiful now as I was before.

You see me standing tall with natural beauty and pride.

Unbeknownst to them, overall I have managed to remain the same.


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