Feel me when I’m hurt

How often can I say I have endured pain that I can actually resist?

Better yet, how can I overcome circumstances that were intended to break me down?

My destiny was not already planned. Rather, it is still in negotiations.

In the meantime, life as it is, is a gamble with slim chances.

Do you follow what I’m saying?

Can you hear me crying inside even as I smile gloriously?

My smile is my shield that I would use at the threat of you not feeling me when I am hurt.

You do not have to touch me to feel me.

If you feel the powerful love through the smile on my face when I hear you tell me how you feel about me,

and the way your heart skips at the moment of my touch and the manner in which your tears form at the corners of your sweet eyes when we laugh endlessly and the instance in which you see me you light up as if electricity ran through your veins, at that point I ask myself, “Is this too good to be true, that you feel my happiness.”

If so, why can you not feel me when I am hurt?


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