Fear in my heart

(For my niece)

My little baby.

How I wished to be there through the most youthful years of your life.

I wonder if life goes slow enough for me to catch up with our lost time.

Let me get to know you while you learn who you are yourself.

Give me the chance to show you that you are not alone.

I have been there before.

I want to be there for you.

Give us time to build memories without us knowing the secret of our destiny.

Make it so that god can hear you and give you confirmation.

If we are fortunate, he will grant us our wish.

That would be my ultimate satisfaction, to share good times with you.

Yet of course, with all do respect, it is his choice.

That is my fear.

That I will never be given the chance to see you grow and you never had been given the chance for me to guide you through.


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