Empty promises

The ultimate betrayal of a person’s trust can land you a free ticket to a bottomless pit. If there is one thing you should teach yourself NOT to do, it would be to preserve the trust that someone has in your word. No material object compares to the value of a promise.

But when you fail to keep your promises, then the value of your own being diminishes. When you fall into a bottomless pit it will be a long way down; giving you enough time to reflect on your wrongdoings.

The grand idea of this metaphor is my attempt to enlighten your path down the dark road you choose to walk into.

Nonetheless, to have a friend in me means to rest assure that if you were in need, you would not go without. However, to cross me does not mean I will retaliate. It just means that when you are falling into the bottomless pit, I will not have known because I would have been long gone to realize you are not around anymore. Humble yourself.


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