Effortless movements in life

Ever feel like you are walking up an escalator that is moving in a downward direction?

With every step you take you either stay in the same place or maybe even end up lower than before.

You see people effortlessly moving up or even moving past you but you can’t seem to reach them.

You will feel your energy running low and eventually will end up at the bottom.

People live like this everyday and often settle into the idea that there is no other way.

Sometimes all it takes is a little common sense and hopefulness to make it to the top.

If you had a five year plan but the last two to three years have been spent walking up an escalator in the wrong direction, then maybe in the future you could think more wisely and take the stairs even if it takes a little more time.

No one is going to think for you. Take responsibility for yourself and the poor decisions you make.



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