To be confused is to be mentally unclear or uncertain about something or to disturb the composure of, and lately the only way anyone sees me or listens to me, to them, I am only confused.

I am not confused because I want to be, or because I have no other choice but, because you made me this way.

My confusion is about whether to trust you

or not,

to be with you,

or not

to worry about you,

or not,

to love you or should I discontinue my feelings for you.

My doubts are based upon taking the risk of reliving the things that made me confused in the first place.

Someone that was very special to me played and important role in why I am so confused.

Put it this way, he is the star of the show.

All he does is out up an act.

Seems as if everything is a joke but, one day he will realize that the show is over and it is time to be real.

Everyone will get there turn someday.

The thing is I hope he is still around when it is my turn.

So let the show begin.

Let me act like I care.


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