Cold hearted

What is the significance of having a warm heart? You tend to be a loving, nurturing, caring, considerate and compassionate person. As life takes its course and people realize your worth, you’re often envied and despised. People keep you close only to have an idea of what they have to measure up to; to try to be just as great or better. Pitiful it is when you waste space with people that do not deserve your kindness. In cases such as these, after being burned by the fire so many times, your heart turns cold. You can see these individuals in turmoil and choose to turn the blind eye. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. This simply means that your heart has turned to ice. No emotions present. Nonetheless, the burden is less when you decide that you will not suffer for the bad judgment of others. Live, learn, liberate, love from a distance……….



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