Brokenhearted, I dearly departed

You tested my intelligence many times yet it was proven that I could not be fooled.

 How can someone beg to be trusted when the evidence of their deceit is undoubtedly discovered time and time again?

I gave you the benefit of the doubt but, I always remained skeptical. I had my reasons.

I was brutally taken for granted.

I now accept the challenge of finding who I am.

I must admit I was shattered to pieces. I still am.

Being that you started off anonymous and behind the scenes, I have no choice to consume my pain alone.

I now must go backwards to pick up the pieces, in order to move forward.

My heart is broken.

My self-worth is nonexistent.

This will serve as a lesson to me, to not look for more than what I had because what I had would have never left me brokenhearted.


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