Blurred vision

If you ever thought that invisibility was just a thought in the imagination of geniuses, then you may want to reconsider. You can try your hardest to be seen and acknowledged and yet feel so invisible. In the flesh you appear in the plain view of a certain someone but it is all to no avail. Then you start to question your own existence. Sometimes it only takes for you to see yourself for who you really are. Logically it makes sense to blame others for why people stop associating with you. Today you can declare that you will own your invisibility. Whenever that person finally sees that you were there all along; if only they just looked deeper and closer and had a little more patience. But because their vision was blurred by temporary forevers, they will soon miss the opportunity to be a part of you. At that point, they can only rely on memories which will soon fade away in their mind. Set yourself free and un-tie yourself from burdensome regret and shame. Although you may be invisible to that certain someone because they are naive and stubborn, rest assured that all is well because you have made footprints on their heart which are meant to be felt and not seen.



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