I now belong to another.

To think, I always thought my life would be stable once I settled down.

Was I so wrong?

I did not know I had to experience hard times to have brighter days.

I did not know I had to cry before I smiled again.

I did not know I had to be tormented mentally and emotionally before I can be respected.

I did not know in order to gain love and trust I had to lose courage and faith.

I did not know I had to be used before I realized I was worth more.

I did not know.

No one told me.

If they did, no one made sure I listened and comprehended.

Then again, it is no one’s fault but mine.

Why couldn’t I just learn from other people’s mistakes and not go through things myself.

In our relationship I thought I was set, settled, and secure.

All I did was cry, stress, mope and be depressed.

Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you.

Because happiness to me was not a choice, it was a gift.

It was not an act of pity for me. It was wishful thinking on my behalf.

And since I was not happy, how could you possibly make me happy.

So, therefore, I resulted in belonging to another.

The other knows the art of making me feel special, respecting me, not using me, appreciating me, being delicate and sweet, and most importantly loving me.

I am happy to be another’s and not yours.

I ask myself to remain calm and look back at all I have been through.

I have experienced all from good to better, bad to worse and I realize that the main reason why I go through these things are because I was emotionally built to be strong enough to overcome anything.

On the other hand, why me?

You could have made me happy.

You could have been my future but I was not in your future plans, I was just in your present to-do-list.

So, I had to be another’s, and being another’s is not so bad.

I learned from you to do better for him. Consequently, I became your statistic!

My life was a walk through game in which you played until it was over.

I repeatedly say to myself “Love is short, but forgetting is so long.”

That is what gets me through.

You need not tell me I am wrong because everything about you is wrong.

Let me move on,

Let me experience true love,

Let me feel wanted and respected,

Let me feel what I never felt before and most importantly, let me allow myself to give my all to another.

2 thoughts on “Another’s

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  1. Now this right here is so deep and u can feel the emotion in ever word, I love reading these u are super talented 😉😉


  2. Couple of my favorites were “The Local” and “Inner Demons”…inner demons was short but deep…but i gotta say the best line i read was in “Another” …(Love is short, but forgetting is long) …beautiful words … i applaud you courage to put out your feelings …great job Jessica

    Liked by 1 person

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