Anonymous soul pulled from existence

(In memory of  Talia Alston-Roman 12-6-00)

Never is there a day that I do not recall when you introduced yourself to me.

I recollect that time so well.

I asked “HIM” to show me love in a special way and so it was granted.

He gave me you.

I perceive that this was much for me to ask.

I say this because I asked for something that I did not know how to preserve and nurture.

That was my substantial need.

The risk of loss is what I took.

I needed you to save me from myself.

You needed me to see you through your life.

Crying never helped me.

Courage never existed.

Faith was absent.

For all being said, now that you are gone, seeing you in imagination is not enough.

Pictures fade away.

I crave the need to feel your presence.

I go to where I know you are but I can not see you.

Not only am I worn with torture at the thought of you not forgiving me but, I still suffer at the thought of knowing that when I visit, you are not there.



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