Alone in my path leading nowhere

(From stray to God)

As I walk along the lonesome path called life I wonder why everything to me is so frightening.

Why was I chosen to be alone to struggle, as I learn my way of life is an endless road going nowhere fast?

As I was brought into this world, I recall the warmth of my maternal figure.

Yet I cannot seem to remember how I’ve gotten so far away from that feeling.

I am not human yet, I have feelings such like I was.

I would be satisfied with love in any other form other than from myself.

I doubt I can survive without it.

Why did you make the decision of bringing so many of us into this world, when we would just return to you so unjustly?

Yes, I would like to meet you someday but, I want you to come for me when you are ready, not when I become someone’s burden.

Love me as I am. For, you made me who I am.

As I seek for my savior, my body weakens and soul dissipates.

One more question.

Why did you make me so little in a world so big?

Help me understand.

My size and character make me vulnerable to all who think I am just another.

For, I am not.

Wait one more thing.

If I cannot have a good caring home here on earth, do you promise to keep me safe and secure in your arms in heaven?

For, heaven is the only path in which I will never be lost.


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