A wish or a command

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. The hardest part to accept is the fact that you cannot control everything. The test of time is often challenged when people think they can manage the words and actions of others. You just… might get what you wish for, although not exactly under the circumstances by which you’ve obtained them. Ever ponder why dandelions are blown in the wind with the hopes of granting one wish? By releasing your stress through one breath from your soul it delivers a message to God. The part that you are missing is that he listens. And although that one thing you desire may be detrimental to you, at times that wish is granted because you’ve already mentally prepared yourself to accept it. You fail and you fall when you pose resistance to what is in your best interests. So just leave those alone who have a big head and half a brain to fill it; because it is more likely than not that they are only getting what they asked for.


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