The local

Minding your own business protects you from trouble that you have no business being involved in the first place. Sometimes you have to let go and disengage in becoming the hero that people expect you to be. You lose a little bit of yourself every time you make yourself available by catering to the needs of those who could care less if you are sharing your last dollar with them. They only choose to hate you because you have made better decisions under the same circumstances. The journey of life is not meant to be ridden in a car with passengers. The more passengers you allow in, the more weight you will carry and the slower you will go. It is time that you make frequent stops, start dropping them along the way because you are headed toward a place that they do not belong. Do it for yourself because they can only go with you but they can never go for you.



2 thoughts on “The local

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  1. I feel that staying out of everyones business makes us aware that never put your nose where you wasnt called . And sometimes theres people will let you know when to be involved if they wish to in silence. but wosh to keep others on a verge of putting thier 2 cents without whats really going on. They’ll sit and just wait for that moment to find out your business. What happens closed doors keep it in closed doors. The world be a better place. FOCUS


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