It is up to the parents to instill the importance of reading in their children. Start by taking the initiative to separate modern technology from acquired knowledge. As with past generations, the library was a place where you can disconnect from technology and noise and bury yourself in a good book and soak up all of the knowledge. A computer can certainly obtain quick results for an unanswered question, but what is it really doing for children? Many can relate to the experience of going to a library and looking through a card catalog, walking through isles, and finding a book that can offer an abundance of information. Children of all ages should be taught to appreciate a good read. Although life goes on and tries to catch up with technology that does not mean that you should allow your child to be raised by a handheld device, a computer search engine or a television show. Never underestimate the power of the old-fashioned way of learning. Who knows…you can even get a little uninterrupted quality time out of it as well.



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